• Donation of 500 masks and 500 hydroalcoholic solutions to rural  populations of Bamendou and Yaounde as mean of prevention of the COVID-19.
  • Awareness and screening campaign on non-communicable diseases including obesity, hypertension and rheumatism. Over 500 people were screened in collaboration with CEDBCAM laboratory.
  • Awareness campaign on antimicrobial resistance and zoonotic infectious diseases during world antimicrobial awareness week


  • Awareness and screening campaign on tropical diseases such as malaria, typhoid fever and schistosomiasis in 05 primary schools of Yaounde
  • Awareness and screening campaign of sexual transmissible infections (chlamydia, syphilis, vaginal/urethral infections) with screening of 1 500 people in Yaounde, in collaboration with our partner CEDBCAM laboratory.
  • HIV Counselling and Testing in rural areas of Bamendou
  • Prevention of sexual transmissible infections with promotion and distribution of condoms in rural areas of Yaounde
  • Educational talks on sexual and reproductive health for school and out-of-school youth in Bamendou


  • Awareness and screening campaign of non-communicable diseases such as heart failure, anomaly of reproduction and fertility, and cancers with screening of 2100 individuals
  • Implementation hygiene awareness-raising and sanitation campaign in 10 private schools of Bamendou
  • Donation of gifts in 10 private schools of Bamendou

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