General Assembly

It is the supreme body of the Organization composed of all members with one voice. It ensures that the objectives of EDEN Foundation are achieved, in particular by electing the members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Management, by defining the general policy and the strategic orientations and, by pronouncing the membership and the cancellation of the members.

Board of Directors

The board of directors is a structure of control responsible for ensuring the execution of the decisions of the General Assembly in order to achieve the objectives of EDEN Foundation by supervising the activities of the Executive Board, and making recommendations on all topics related to the life of the foundation. It includes five members elected by the General Assembly: - President - General Secretary - General Treasurer - Two advisors

Executive management

The Executive Management is the body responsible for the administrative follow-up and day-to-day implementation of EDEN Foundation programs and decisions. It maintains regular working relations with the technical and financial partners and manages concomitantly the human, financial and material resources of the foundation. It is responsible for translating the decisions of the General Assembly into concrete activities, by defining annual action plans and annual budget estimates to be adopted by the Board of Directors. It ensures the coordination and implementation of all EDEN Foundation projects and the administration of daily and executive operations. It is also responsible for developing projects and requests for funding and resource mobilization. Finally, the Executive Management collects, capitalizes and disseminates all useful information to members, organizes workshops, seminars, meetings, symposiums and exchange trips, and assures the capacity building of members.

Permanent committees

The permanent committees exist to do the preparatory work of the board of directors. They analyse the files and present options and recommendations to the Board of Directors but do not speak on behalf of the Board. The chair of a committee is in most cases board members who have the appropriate skills to facilitate the process of the committees and coordinate their work. Currently, we have three permanent committees: Finance committee Public Affairs committee Scientific committee While this is not a permanent committee, there is also a Student and Young Professionals Committee that provides advice to the student administrator on ways to continue to effectively engage students and young professionals.

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