Men Reveal The Creepiest Techniques Babes Have Actually Hit On It

Guys Reveal The Creepiest Methods Girls Have Hit On Them And Oh My God

In the united states, cultural norms dictate more often than not, we’re the people assigned with approaching the alternative gender to start romance. Discover conditions, sure, but as a rule we choose who we wish to address, plus the women pick exactly who they wish to share their unique time with.

Also it sorts of sucks! It can take golf balls to address a haphazard girl, and the concern with obtaining rejected is actually actual. It’s very real, in reality, a large number of one has actually pondered aloud simply how much sweeter existence could well be in the event the functions happened to be stopped. That is amazing, women striking on dudes! Would it undoubtedly be paradise? If this AskReddit thread is actually any indicator, the clear answer is actually an emphatic no. Men contributed the creepiest steps ladies have struck on it, and let’s only state the grass is not always greener on the other hand.


There was clearly this woman who delivered me a committing suicide note and explained “I love you a great deal that I would die without you”. We have been talking for approximately 3 days at this stage


I always drive a limo (really, a sedan solution, nevertheless wasn’t an extend). We picked up a wealthy, drunk, middle-aged pair, and also the girl had gotten her face up within top seats and stared at me for several minutes, next she mentioned, “very, do you realy wanna f*ck this evening?”

I did not say everything, acting she had not been talking to me personally, and I met her partner’s sight inside the mirror. He had been merely going their sight and shaking his mind sadly. When we reached their unique resort, the bellmen must literally drag her out from the car.


Had a sloppy intoxicated cougar at some shithole plunge in Western Virginia groped my trash when I wandered prior, next mentioned loudly .

Gotta be honest, I wasn’t actually angry.


She blogged smut poetry about having a three-way with my cousin and me personally.

Subsequently she see clearly to my personal whole senior school during a school large poetry recital when you look at the auditorium.


Sent me personally photos of me through my personal screen from her parked vehicle outside my personal apartment. The kicker was just about it had been from an unknown number as she was using a third party messaging software.

She believed she had been precious, it creeped the holy hell of myself.


I found myself at an unbarred mic and there was a fat Jamaican lady twice my get older exactly who sang a track utilizing the chorus “there’s a thin line between taste and loving, and a thick range between LICKING AND F*CKING”. The song lasted 6 moments therefore the entire time she was actually staring me lifeless in vision.


In secondary school there was clearly this lady that used to crush on me personally frustrating. I got no destination to this lady, therefore it was largely just this lady pestering me continuously.

Well one night, while I was out with some pals. She broke into the house and taped over one hundred images of the woman face photoshopped for this lady and i collectively all-over my personal walls.

She believed it was the cutest thing in the entire world, but we disliked her afterwards, and my personal moms and dads called the police


1st, she questioned me to come over and rest with her. That was perhaps not the weird component.

As I dropped, she began explaining all the circumstances she desired to do beside me. That also had not been the weird part.

After her 2nd failed attempt, she threatened to provide a blowjob on first guy she found if I failed to accept get home together with her. Which was bizarre, nevertheless still wasn’t the creepy part.

Finally, soon when I’d kept the celebration wherein it was all happening, i acquired a text from a not known number. It listed my full name, my personal address, in addition to colour of automobile that I drove… and it also was actually adopted immediately thereafter by another message, which browse “view you eventually.”

That was the creepy component.

The joke was actually on the, however, because i did not go back home that evening.


Girl in a bar place her fingers as much as my nose and asked basically liked her fragrance.


I have informed this before, however when I was a bouncer at a dive club during a really cold winter, I got a lady sit-in the booth best into home where I had getting, and fellate every fry of an entire large container of fries while attempting to hold my personal visual communication. I mean, i really could see some one performing that on one or two fries, while wanting to end up being gorgeous. It really is slightly strange, but whatever. But she at down and fellated about a pound and a half of fries. Drawing and slurping every one, while gazing directly at myself. She didn’t have the “coy look” down whatsoever. It was an aggressive, nearly violent intercourse act perpetrated on a potato immediately at me. Therefore continued for more than a half hour. And i had been a captive market, because I’d getting at the doorway, and it had been like 8 degrees exterior.

Welp, that’s all, never internet dating once more. Look at the entire bond right here, if you dare.